INPRO Group - International Network of Export Packers

The INPRO Group is a unique international network of independent export packing companies with export packing as their core business. Members of INPRO are acknowledged independent first class companies in the export packing industry with their own case making and export packing factories in their respective countries or region. All members provide complementary services such as stowing containers, the supply of packaging materials and project management for a seamless packing process, as well as supply chain management services like warehousing, consolidation and inventory control.
The INPRO Group has started its professional cooperation in the early sixties. Since then it has developed itself as the single international network of export packing companies, supporting global supply chains of manufacturers of capital goods, operating on a global scale.


The INPRO Group has 20 members covering the most important industrial regions in the world. The 20 members operate over 100 owned export packing factories with case- and crate making services, including over 500.000 m2 (5 mio sq.ft) available for warehousing and consolidation. The export packing centres are all equipped with overhead travelling gantry cranes and forklift trucks.

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