Our services

Industrial packaging for export with VCI corrosion film, shrink film Shrink, aluminum foil using a pump down cycle system, ploiester tissue binding strips with desiccant moisture absorber type.
Mooring in container / container with international certification
Storage at the premises
Packaging in their own premises and preparing for export documentation
Inventory Management
Production and delivery of wooden packaging atypical small wooden crates and oversized environments, standard pallets and pallets atypical, wooden bridges, wooden boxes and plywood (plywood) or OSB
Export Solutions
Optimize the load in containers or in wooden packaging
Optimal transport solutions
Neal Brothers SRL is a company founded in Romania in 2007 but with over 100 years of experience in which I served with innovative packaging solutions so customers both domestic and international. We are confident that we have the experience and training necessary to offer you a wide range of products and services that will satisfy your most demanding requirements. We strive to develop the best packaging solution for all your needs and provide you with useful packaging products to ensure what you need to develop your business with maximum efficiency and reliability.
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